You are not a number.

You are not a number.

I think as women, of our culture, and our modern society where it is important that everything be quantified and labeled in some way… We care a lot about our size and weight. NUMBERS.

These things are not important. They are interesting to know from time to time. Yes, technically you need to know your size somewhat to choose a pair of pants or a top, but the number does not make the woman.

The number is often different, depending on which store you are shopping in and which scale you are stepping on! Add in breastfeeding, pregnancy, postpartum, hormonal changes, menopause, and Chinese food (Sodium!!!) and our weight and sizes fluctuate something crazy.

Are you with me? Let’s see the number as what it is, a number. And let it go at that. No guilt, no anguish, no self loathing. Let us all strive to be healthier and the best version of ourselves… but never a number. If you must be a number, you are A TEN! Not size. In the scale of 1-10 of awesomeness, you are a 10.

We are going to tackle BODY SHAPES next. Yay! Do you know what shape you are?

Instead of saying what lots of other people have already explained (with pretty graphics!) let’s ask Oprah what body shapes we are 😉 Just follow the directions for measuring without judgment, please.

Please excuse the actual link. I can’t quite get the hang of this new blog.



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