Who You Are.

Who You Are.

I have a post in the planning process about body shapes. It gets more complicated when it comes to having pictustyleres/ multiple people in the mix 🙂 So, for today, I want to talk to you about perception… of ourselves, of others, and how others perceive us.

My ultimate goal here, is for you is to find clothes that work to flatter your shape and your aesthetics, and to feel like a more confident version of yourself.

We are not trying to change who we are. We are trying to use our clothing to show others who we are!

Unfortunately, appearances are very important in our society. Increasingly so, as our interactions with others in general have lessened. Now that people don’t have a need to do as much in person, we know less people. We have casual interactions with less people.  My point in this… is that people don’t get to know you. All they have to go on is the 5 seconds they’ve spent with you, and nobody is even talking!

So first impressions are often even shorter than they were before, and may be your only impression. A lot of that first impression is going to be how you look. I’m not talking about your weight or size or the face you were born with, though it is obviously easier if you like all of those things about yourself. I’m talking about your confidence, your smile, and looking put together.

There are a few things to consider when you get dressed in the morning.

1. Think about your highest expectation for the day and dress for that (like an important meeting, or …destiny?).

2. Think about your worst possible scenario. Would you want to be caught in not-your-best? Oh hello, ex boyfriend at the grocery store. Yes, I’m great. Can’t you tell by my stained tee and yoga pants?

3. Dress for how you’d like to be received. If your style is super rock and roll, but you are having a hard time making friends… maybe your look is too edgy? Try to tone it down to look friendlier. Or maybe you are trying to get a new job? You’ve heard the idea, dress for the job you want, not the job you have! Dare I say, we could almost apply that idea to anything. Dress the for day you want… the life you want… the friends you want…

4. Dress to make yourself happy. I’m working on this one. It is hard to stay out of a “box”, or trying to please others. I’m not saying wear gummy bear leggings (I mean, you can wear them in your house… alone…) but I am saying be yourself. The best version of yourself! And not who someone else expects you to be. I tend to be more “dolled up” than my friends or family, but I am working to not feel self-conscious, because that is just who I am.

Looking forward to talking more with you soon! ❤ Adrienne

What is your biggest challenge in dressing like your best self?


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