Staying through the hard things.

Staying through the hard things.

I realized today that I have a hard time maintaining friendships.

Not making them…That’s easy! That’s fun!

But maintaining them? After about oh, a year or two, if things get hard with your friends, don’t worry! You will probably get orders soon. Then you can enjoy your last 3 or 4 months with the friends you have, gradually pulling yourself away as you mentally prepare to go to a new place, and they are fine with that, because now they have to pull themselves away from you so they won’t miss you as much when it is time to leave.

Maintaining friendships is hard and awkward. The army is always moving people around to keep you well-balanced and skilled in many different areas.

Just this once I hope that they keep us here long enough to learn the skill of staying put, and doing the hard thing. Doing real life together, forgiving each other, and learning to love each other through our flaws, quirks, and weird habits.




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